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Takeaway packaging suppliers

Pirate Packaging is a specialist takeaway packaging supplier and our goal is to provide you with premium quality takeaway packaging supplies. We have a selection of food containers designed to contain hot and cold takeaway food, as well as sustainable biodegradable food packaging options.

Read on to find out more information about our takeaway packaging or contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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What is takeaway packaging?

As so many businesses are adopting takeaway options to make life easier for customers who need food on the go, accommodating for the masses is an essential.

Takeaway packaging allows customers to order a range of food to their door and having good takeaway packaging options will keep food contained, hygienic and leave a lasting impression about your brand.

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Hot food packaging

Most people will be ordering hot food on the go and this means that you need to have packaging that can handle the heat. Our packaging range is suitable for containing hot food, including pizza boxes.

Drink Packaging

We offer a range of drink packaging options including disposable cups, coffee cups and more.

Cutlery and ancillary

We provide a range of domestic and ancillary supplies, including plastic utensils, plates, bowls, bubble wrap, kraft paper and adhesive tapes.


When customers order a takeaway, they will need a sturdy bag to contain their order and to keep the food and/or drink contents safe during transit. Our takeaway bags are strong enough to contain takeaway orders and can be customised to your desires.

Paper and foil wrapping

Food will need to be wrapped up in strong foil and/or paper upon preparation of the order. This is important for hygiene purposes and for containing the order. We provide a range of paper and foil wrapping options.


We recognise that we have a duty to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment and this is why our packaging is sustainable and we adopt environmentally friendly packaging solutions that aim to reduce the environmental footprint. Find out more information about our sustainable packaging here.

Cold food packaging

We have a range of cold food packaging options suitable for containing cold foods, including salad boxes.


We provide a range of platters suitable for sandwiches, picnics and events.


Our range of takeaway packaging also includes dessert options such as dessert pots, cake boxes and more.

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Why choose Pirate Packaging?

We understand that branding is important and when you’re managing a business day to day, finding the time to work on your marketing materials can be a near impossible task. Our white label service aims to support businesses on their mission to grow and make a name for themselves in a chaotic marketplace.

Our white label solutions will help you build and customise your brand, allowing you to avoid intellectual property right (IPR) infringement and poor quality manufacturing. We work with you to make sure that your design vision is brought to life and your packaging meets your bespoke requirements.

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Takeaway packaging FAQs

Pirate Packaging provides a tailored shipping service. You can receive shipment in full to one set shipping destination or we can send out your delivery to multiple sites.

We also operate a stock holding facility, enabling customers to select the option of having a weekly shipment in smaller drops.

Find out more information about our delivery options here.

The type of packaging you require would be dependent on your specific needs. Packaging should keep its contents safe and protected from damage. In order to decide on the packaging, you should consider the function of the packaging i.e. applying the packaging to the product, storage and delivery. The package also plays an important role in the marketing of your brand and should reflect your brand identity.

If you want packaging that can keep goods safe during transit, you might choose corrugated boxes. You may also choose a bespoke designed package displaying your brand logo and imagery.

Depending on the product you’re selling, choosing to use a simple or fancy bespoke design comes down to personal preference.

Premium chocolates and luxury baked goods should have a packaging that reflects the quality of the product as this is a large part of its selling point. However, with some baking ingredients, a basic design might be more appropriate.

Information on product packaging should always include: the quantity/size of product, endorsements from individuals and organisations and the product’s purpose.

We aim to make our takeaway boxes sustainable and eco-friendly. We provide a range of cardboard boxes and plastic containers depending on requirements.