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Tailored shipping service
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plastic food packaging with cutlery and paper cup

Flexible delivery options

Once our goods are ready to be loaded and shipped off, we provide a tailored shipping service to our clients, bespoke to their needs and requirements.

plastic food packaging with cutlery
takeaway packaging

Standard & next day delivery

We offer a standard delivery service where you can expect orders to arrive within two working days. We also have a next day delivery option.

Note: bespoke or custom orders will be quoted upon request. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our bespoke delivery option.

Paper cups with stirrers

Ship to one or multiple locations

We aim to make our delivery service as flexible and convenient as possible, making the distribution process easy and quick. If you’re ordering to one set location, we can ship out your full order to your requested destination or we can send out your order to multiple locations.

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Stock holding facility

To make it even easier for you, Pirate Packaging has a stock holding facility that allows you to have your orders delivered in smaller drops. We can keep your items stocked up in our warehouse. We have an advanced inventory system, allowing us to easily locate and distribute your orders when and as you need them.

For more information about our stock holding facility and making an order, contact us and one of our crew will be happy to give you more information.