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Stress free bakery packaging supplies

At Pirate Packaging Ltd, we know how important it is to make sure that you have the right bakery packaging supplies to add the finishing cherry on top of your baked goods.

We provide a range of wholesale bakery supplies – from cake boxes to baking decorations. Whatever your business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our range of unique bakery packaging supplies, suitable for a wide range of businesses or contact us to speak to one of our packaging experts.

Cake boxes & Trays

We have a selection of cake boxes designed to accommodate different sized cakes using environmentally sustainable material.

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Custom Paper Wraps

Baking papers

Baking paper is the grease-resistant paper that provides a heat-proof, non-stick surface for baked goods, ensuring that creations will not get stuck to the box, tray, dish or other equipment. They are important for baking and make the cleaning up process a lot easier.


Decorations are so important to the finished result. When catering for a special event, you will want your baked creations to reflect your business and we can help make sure that you have enough decorations stocked up to cater for any event.

Decoration Cupcake

Piping bags

Piping bags are necessary for adding the finishing, professional touches to your creations. For intricate decorating, these are a must have.

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Baking films

When preparing and cooking food, you are likely to need foil and greaseproof paper. We provide a range of baking films to help you out.

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Cupcake cases

Baking cases & wraps

Pirate packaging provides a range of baking cases and wraps in different designs and shapes. We can customise your packaging to your bespoke requirements and keep your baking cases and wraps looking decorative and iconic.

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Paper trays

Baking moulds & trays

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of cakes or scones, we can provide you with the perfect baking moulds to keep your food in check. They are easy to use and clean up and are great for containing a variety of creations.

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Muffin Holder

Plastic containers

Pirate Packaging stock a range of reusable plastic containers, tubs, bottles, jars and more at affordable rates. Our food-grade selection aims to provide package solutions for all businesses.

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Foil Packaging

Foil containers

We supply foil containers that are suitable for a wide range of food manufacturers and catering businesses.

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Dubor Trennaktiv PR100 - Release Agent And Surface Oil

Divider and release oils

Our food-grade divider oils can be used to stop dough from sticking to the divider and are often used in bakeries to make the baking process easier and more efficient.

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MailChimp Boxes

Cake cards and drums

To suit your cake preparation requirements, we have a number of different sized cards and drums to keep your creations stable and to enhance presentation.

Lightweight cake cards and drums are great for lighter creations but depending on the bulkiness of the cake, you may need to choose a thicker, heavier cake card or drum.

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Pudding Bowls

Pudding bowls and lids

We provide a range of pudding bowls and lids to store creations and ingredients, maintaining freshness for longer.

SOS Kraft Bags

Food bags

We have a selection of wholesale food bags to cater for a wide range of customer needs.

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RAP Food Service Brochure Cover

Sandwich boxes

At Pirate Packaging, we offer a range of sustainable sandwich containers and packaging designs to maintain freshness for longer.

Cake boxes

Ancillary packaging

We understand how important it is to protect bakery supplies and products from contamination and damage. This is why we offer a range of ancillary packaging to keep any supplies safe in the transit process, so they travel securely from door to door.

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Why choose Pirate Packaging?

We understand that branding is important and when you’re managing a business day to day, finding the time to work on your marketing materials can be a near impossible task. Our white label service aims to support businesses on their mission to grow and make a name for themselves in a chaotic marketplace.

Our white label solutions will help you to build and customise your brand, allowing you to avoid intellectual property right (IPR) infringement and poor quality manufacturing. We work with you to make sure that your design vision is brought to life and your packaging meets your bespoke requirements.

If you would like to enquire about our white label service, contact us.

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Bakery packaging FAQs

Pirate Packaging provides a tailored shipping service. You can receive shipment in full to one set shipping destination or we can send out your delivery to multiple sites.

We also operate a stock holding facility, enabling customers to select the option of having a weekly shipment in smaller drops.

Find out more information about our delivery options here.

The type of packaging you require would be dependent on your specific needs. Packaging should keep its contents safe and protected from damage. In order to decide on the packaging, you should consider the function of the packaging i.e. applying the packaging to the product, storage and delivery. The package also plays an important role in the marketing of your brand and should reflect your brand identity.

If you want packaging that can keep goods safe during transit, you might choose corrugated boxes. You may also choose a bespoke designed package displaying your brand logo and imagery.

Depending on the product you’re selling, choosing to use a simple or fancy bespoke design comes down to personal preference.

Premium chocolates and luxury baked goods should have a packaging that reflects the quality of the product as this is a large part of its selling point. However, with some baking ingredients, a basic design might be more appropriate.

When packaging products, information should always include: the quantity/size of product, endorsements from individuals and organisations and the product’s purpose.